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Quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 since 2008.

Certified by TUEV SUED

100 % Incoming inspection of quality‐critical components (crystals, Hi-Rel components, PCB, etc.)

Pre‐aging (active and passive) of quartz crystals crystals

Thorough intermediate testing (production line)

Computer‐controlled test equipment

100 % final test of key & critical parameters

Screening & testing to ESA, NASA or customer specifications

Optional screening to MIL‐PRF55310 (Level S)

Radiation levels = Total dose of 3 kRad (Si) (LEO) to 100 kRad (Si) (GEO)

Traceability of test and measurement results

Product marking with serial no. and date code

Traceable instrument calibration  



Equipment for Manufacturing
Stencil Printer (Essemtec)
Semi‐Automatic SMD Pick & Place System (Essemtec)
Fully‐automatic SMD Pick & Place System (Essemtec)
Manual Solder Dispenser & SMD assembly station
Convection Reflow Oven (Essemtec)
Solder Sealing stations (Tip Soldering, Hot‐Jet Soldering)
Ultrasonic Cleaning System
Rework stations (Metcal, Weller)
Laminar‐Flowbox (Class 1000 /ISO Class 3)
Resistance Welding Systems (Soudax, Pyramid)
Tape & Reel System
Thermosealing machine (Vacuum and/or N2)
Mechanical tool shop

Markets served
RF & Microwave Industry
Satellite Communication
RF Test & Measurement equipment
Research Institutes
Industrial Electronics
AV Studio equipment


AXTAL Oscillators for Space Applications


 Oscillators (PXO, VCXO, TCXO and OCXO) for Space Applications

 Packaged Crystal Oscillators (SPXO, Clocks)
 Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXO)
 Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO, VC‐TCXO)
 Temperature Stabilized (Ovenized) Crystal Oscillators (OCXO)
 Surface‐Acoustic Wave Oscillators (PSO, VCSO, OCSO)


Radiation Levels
Total Dose of 3 kRad (Si) (LEO) to 100 kRad (Si) (GEO)
Use of suitable radiation resistant add‐on components such as
semi‐conductors from ESA or NASA (or equivalent) QPL or QML lists or other
approved sources. Upscreening if necessary
Use of “swept” quartz material for the quartz resonators
Sweeping is a purification process that removes
certain impurities and thereby improves the
radiation sensitivity of quartz crystals.

Material selection
Material selection based on ECSS‐Q‐ST‐70C and ECSS‐Q‐70‐71
100 % traceable documentation for all components
Quartz crystal units complying to ESA ESCC 3501
Pre‐cap inspection of quartz crystals prior to sealing
100 % incoming inspection of quartz crystal units

Oscillator manufacturing in Clean‐Room
environment (ISO Class 3) in accordance with ECSS‐Q‐ST‐70‐08C and ECSS‐Q‐ST‐70‐38C
Soldering and assembly by ESA certified personnel

Manufacturing (cont‘d)
Pre‐cap inspection of oscillator assembly prior to sealing
Complete traceability of all materials and manufacturing steps

Screening and testing to MIL‐PRF‐55310 (Product Level S), to ESA or NASA or customer specifications

Testing (MIL PRF‐55310 Product Level S)
100 % Group A and B Testing
Group C Testing (Lot Acceptance Test LAT)

Destructive Parts Analysis (DPA) to MIL-STD-1580 (on request)

Final Source Inspection by customer on request

AXIOM6060‐11 – 100 MHz
AXIOM6060‐12 – 120 MHz 
RF: SMA Connector
DC: Micro‐D Connector
LxWxH = 60 x 60 x 30 mm³
Listed in ESA European Preferred products List ( EPPL)

OCXO in COTS Technology for LEO
AXIOM75‐35 – 100 MHz
Through‐hole (THD)
LxWxH = 25,4 x 25,4 x 12,7 mm³

DIL14 and Flatpack package (in preparation)




Geostationary (weather) satellites

100 kRad total dose
FengYun 2 & 4 : AXIOM6060‐11 – 100 MHz
Singapore : AXIOM6060‐12 – 120 MHz

LEO Satellite

10 … 15 kRad total dose
Singapore : AXIOM75‐35 – 100 MHz
VELOX‐PII Pico Satellite

International Space Station ISS

ULN Reference OCXO (USO) 15 kRad : AXIOM6060‐FM – 100 MHz

AXTAL Oscillator Qualification


Qualification testing based on IEC 60679‐4, MIL‐PRF‐55310, ESA or Customer Specs
Frequency stability over various parameters
Output waveform & spectrum
Frequency control, linearity, modulation response
Start‐up behaviour, start‐up time
Stabilization time, re‐trace, time‐domain
Phase noise, short term stability (Allan deviation)
G‐sensitivity, Phase noise under vibration
Temperature tests ‐55°C ~ +125°C, activity dips.
Aging tests ‐ passive and active
Leak test
In‐house environmental tests: shock, vibration (sine and random),
temperature shock, High temperature storage etc

 AXTAL Products

PXO (Fixed‐frequency Oscillators, clocks)
VCXO (Voltage Controlled Oscillators)
TCXO (Temperature Compensated Oscillators),
including VC‐TCXO
OCXO (Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators),
including VC‐OCXO and DOCXO
SAW Oscillators (PSO, VCSO, OCSO)
Special Frequency Control Modules:
FCXO / PLXO (Phase‐Locked Crystal Oscillators)
Crystal‐Controlled Microwave Oscillators
Gated Crystal Oscillators (Transponder applications)

Oven Controlled AXTAL Oscillators (OCXO)
Use of AT‐ and SC‐cut resonators in Cold‐weld packages
for very low aging / low phase noise down to < ‐183 dBc/Hz
Frequency range up to >200 MHz
High‐Performance OCXO (± 2 ppb stability) in 20x20 mm package
Double Oven Oscillators (DOCXO) for ultimate stability
Fast warm‐up OCXO in DIL14 (CO 02) package
Connectorised OCXO for Microwave applications
OCXO with low G‐sensitivity
OCXO with low phase noise, also under random vibration
OCXO in ruggedised vibration isolated packages
OCXO for Aerospace and for Space Applications

Clock Oscillators (SPXO)
Packaged AXTAL Oscillators (SPXO)
Low phase noise, low jitter
High stability through hermetically sealed resonators
High Output Frequencies (up to >2 GHz) by using
Low Noise Frequency Multiplication
Phase‐Locked Loop (PLL)
SAW resonators (PSO)
Microwave Oscillators for MIL, Satcom & Airborne


Voltage Controlled AXTAL Oscillators (VCXO)
Low phase noise, low jitter
High Frequency VCXO by using
Low Noise Frequency multiplication
Phase‐locked loop
SAW resonators (VCSO)
Wide pulling range up to ±5000 ppm using LGS crystals
Microwave VCXO for MIL, Satcom & Airborne

Temperature Compensated AXTAL Oscillators
Low aging through hermetically sealed resonators
Low phase noise & jitter
High frequency up to >160 MHz
Wide operating temperature range –55°C to 90°C

Special Oscillators
FCXO / PLXO (Phase Locked Crystal Oscillators
Output frequency = M/N∙ Input frequency (PLL)
Internal VC(X)O (AXON20)
Internal OCXO (AXPLO10 and AXPLO100)
Low phase noise, low transfer jitter
Microwave Oscillators
Gated Crystal Oscillators
AXGX90 series @ 950, 1030 MHz, 1090, 1532 MHz connectorised
AXGX10 (BAW) and AXGS10 (SAW): SMD‐package, up to 1532 MHz
AXGT175 (SAW): Temperature Compensated 1030 & 1090 MHz
SAW Oscillators (PSO and VCSO) 500 MHz ~1800 MHz
Multi‐Channel Switchable crystal oscillators
Special Oscillator Modules for MIL applications

Oscillators (PXO, VCXO, TCXO and OCXO) for Space
(OCXO qualified and approved for GEO satellites 100 kRad)
Use of radiation resistant components from ESA or NASA
(or equivalent) QPL or QML lists or other approved sources
Material selection based on ECSS‐Q‐ST‐70C and ECSS‐Q‐70‐71
Usage of quartz crystal resonators manufactured from swept quartz
material for high radiation resistance IAW with ESCC 3501
Oscillator manufacturing in Clean‐Room environment (ISO Class 3)
in accordance with ECSS‐Q‐ST‐70‐08C and ECSS‐Q‐ST‐70‐38C
Pre‐cap inspection of quartz crystal prior to sealing
Soldering and assembly by ESA certified personnel
Pre‐cap inspection of oscillator assembly prior to sealing
Screening and testing to ESA, NASA and customer specifications
Complete traceability of all materials and manufacturing steps
Engineering Models Qualification Models Flight Models LAT Models

Crystal Sensors
Quartz Crystal Microbalances (QCM)
Metallization: silver (Cr‐Ag), Gold (Cr‐Au), or Titanium (Ti)
5 MHz and 6 MHz
“Balzers”‐ or “Maxtek”‐style
High Temperature QCM elements on Langasite (LGS) and Langatate (LGT) > 500°C
Crystal Temperature Sensors
32 kHz tuning fork sensors RKTV206 series
‐ for temperatures up to 300 °C (with quartz)
‐ for up to >400°C with Langasite (LGS)
Thickness‐shear sensors with 90 ~ 100 ppm/K sensitivity
Crystal pressure sensors
High accuracy (0.025% FS) , e.g. for meteorological applications
Pressure transducer modules with temperature transducer
For downhole and industrial applications


Crystal Wafers and Blanks
Langasite (LGS) Wafers
3” (76.2 mm) diameter and 4” (100 mm) diameter, SSP or DSP
Thickness 0.35 mm or 0.5 mm, one‐side or two sides polished
X‐ cut, Y‐cut or special cuts like YXlt/48.5°/26.6°
Langatate (LGT) Wafers
3” (76.2 mm) diameter and 4” (100 mm) diameter, SSP or DSP
Thickness 0.35 mm or 0.5 mm, one‐side or two sides polished
X‐ cut, Y‐cut or special cuts like YXlt/48.5°/26.6°
LGS, LGT and CTGS blanks
various sizes, round, or rectangular or special
LGT and CTGS rings
6 mm ~ 16 mm diameter, 3 mm ~ 6 mm bore
with double‐sided Gold (Cr‐Au) plating
Other crystals from Langasite family
Wafers, blanks, or other shapes
Quartz crystal wafers & rings
3” (76.2 mm) & 4” (100 mm) diameter, AT‐cut, ST‐ cut, X‐ cut, Y‐ cut etc.
Quartz rings for force sensor moduls



AXTAL Consulting


Independent Test House and Consulting Company for Services in the field of Quartz Crystal Products, Ceramic Resonators, and Piezo Sensors

AXTAL Consulting offers Consulting Services for application and design of Frequency Control Products (FCP), i.e. quartz crystal units, LGS

and GaPO4 crystal resonators, crystal oscillators, filters, and piezoelectric sensors

AXTAL Consulting helps suppliers and users to optimise the match between product and application, and thus reduces the risk of failures

in the volume application and in the field in an early stage.

AXTAL Consulting provides failure analyses, suggests corrective actions, and assists its customers in process audits of manufacturing lines

AXTAL Consulting is an independent test house for FCP, offering testing, screening and characterization of FCP according to acknowledged

IEC‐, MIL‐, Automotive and ESA Standards, e.g.

measurement of linear and non‐linear electrical parameters,

temperature tests,

phase noise and short‐term stability tests

aging tests

mechanical and environmental tests


AXTAL Consulting executes qualification approvals of

Frequency Control Products based on IEC 60122 and IEC 61178‐2 and ‐3 (crystals),

IEC 60368‐4 (filters)

IEC 60679‐4 (oscillators),

AEC‐Q200 (automotive), and MIL‐PRF‐3098 (crystals) and MIL‐PRF‐55310 (oscillators)

IPC‐610 for workmanship

Crystal Units

Qualification testing based on IEC 61178‐2 & ‐3, AEC‐Q200 and MIL‐PRF‐3098

Test and measurement compliant to IEC 60444‐x

Qualification testing based on IEC 60679‐4 and MIL‐PRF‐55310

Qualification testing based on IEC 60368‐4


AXTAL Test Equipment



 Automatic Temperature Test System for VCXO and TCXO

 Automatic Temperature Test System for OCXO

 Automatic OCXO Test System

 Automatic Aging Test System

 Cyclic‐Power oscillator Stress Test System

 Automatic Oscillator Final Test System

 Phase Noise Test system (Agilent & Aeroflex)

 Frequency & Time Interval Analyser

 Short‐Term Frequency Stability Test System

 Modulation Analyzer (R&S)

 Oscilloscopes (HP/Agilent & Tektronix)

 Spectrum Analyzers (R&S, Tektronix)

 Frequency Counters (HP/Agilent, Philips)

 Network Analyzers (HP5100A, HP3577A)

 Low‐Noise Frequency Synthesizers (R&S)

 Rubidium and Caesium Frequency Standards,

 GPS‐Disciplined Rubidium


Automatic Temperature Test system for

crystals (THD and SMD) with NWA

Automatic & Manual RT Test system for

crystals (THD and SMD) with NWA

Automatic Crystal Test System (Kolinker)

Crystal Test System 8 kHz~200 MHz (Saunders)

Active Crystal Aging System (PRA)


Leak test system (Trio‐Tech)

Burn‐In System

Vacuum Bake‐Out (Heraeus)

Vibration & Shock test System (TIRA)

Temperature Shock Test System (Thermostream)

Inspection systems (Vision Engineering)

Stereo Microscope with camera



Nouveautés : accord de Distribution confié

à Isotope-Electronics

L'offre produits standards et customs pour l'acquisition de données de DATEL est devenue l'une des plus larges de L'industrie. Elle adresse les besoins des marchés Militaires, HI-REL, Médicaux, Scientifiques et industriels.

Leurs composants se caractérisent par d'excellentes performances électriques, des boîtiers de petites dimensions, de faibles consommations & une grande facilité d'utilisation. Ils exploitent les technologies de base avec des circuits CMOS bipolaires et monolithiques, hybrides films fins ou épais et des circuits discrets.Beaucoup utilisent une combinaison de ces technologies pour atteindre les plus hauts niveaux de performance.

Convertisseurs A/D échantillonneurs :

-12, 16 et 18 bits
-14 bits simple double et quadruples.
-Températures étendues et produits HIREL disponibles (DESC, MIL STD 883)

Convertisseurs A / D :

-7 et 8 bits Flash
-12 bits
-Températures étendues et possibilités de produits HIREL à la demande.

Amplificateurs échantillonneurs bloqueurs :

-Précision de 0,1% à 0,0008%
-Possibilités de produits HI-REL et CMS à la demande

Multiplexeurs :

-4 et 8 canaux
-Précision de 0,1 à 0,001%
-Possibilités de produits HI-REL et CMS à la demande.

Convertisseur s D / A :

-8, 10, 12, 16 bits
-Sorties en courant ou en tension, grande précision
-Températures étendues et possibilités de produits HI-REL à la demande

Systèmes d'acquisition de données :

-Circuit système d'acquisition de données complet combinant multiplexeur, amplificateur, échantillonneur bloqueur, convertisseur A / D 12 bits et différentes interfaces logiques
-Possibilités de produits HI-REL et CMS à la demande
-Modèles Hi-REL approuvés par le DESC

Convertisseurs signaux CCD / Images :

-Possibilités de produits HI-REL et CMS à la demande.

Convertisseurs A / D avec double échantillonneurs corrélés (CDS) :

-12, 14 et 16 bits

Double échantillonneurs corrélés (CDS) :

-Précision de 0,01 à 0,001%

Convertisseurs A / D échantillonneurs (CDS) optimisés pour les applications imaging :

-12 et 14 bits

Avec 35 ans d'expérience dans la fourniture de composant Hi-Rel aux marchés Aérospace, Défense, Spatial, Médical et Industriel.
MICROSS propose une large gamme de produits et de services. 
AS9100 Rev C / ISO 9001 : 2008 / ISO 13485 / DLA Lab Suitability.
Plus de 1600 produits standards fiabilisés sur la liste SMD DLA 5962.
Mémoire :
SRAM : Async & Sync
SSRAM : Pipelined / Flowthru / ZBL
Non volatile : Flash ( NAND & NOR ) EEPROM & NVSRAM
Partnership with Linear Technology = MIL-AERO
Amplifier / Regulator / RS232 interface
MIL-PRF-38534 Class H
MIL-PRF-38535 Class Q & V
MIL-STD-883 (AS 9100 Rev C)
Circuits intégrés encapsulés et fiabilisés.
SiC :
-55°C +210°C / Naturally radiation tolérant / screened MIL-PRF-19500
SiC schottky diode : 600 V & 1200 V and FET's & Transistor
New development :
*Single SiC Power schottky Diode 
*Single SiC Power schottky Rectifier 
*Diode Bridge
*Single SiC Power MOSFET's : Single SiC Super Junction Transistors / Single SiC Power JFET's / SiC Power Transistors dual and Half bridge. 
Services :
Packaging & Assembly
Component modification
Electrical Test
Environmental test ( composants & systems )




Le fabricant Chinois de modules de puissance MORNSUN, nous a confié la distribution des ses produits pour la France.


Figurant parmis les fabricants majeurs de module de puissance, MORNSUN, a fait le choix de la qualité pour les convertisseurs AC/DC,

DC/DC, amplificateur d'isolement, driver IGBT, driver LED... ( Certification UL, CE, EN60601-1 et [Exia] IIC )



Le système de management est certifié ISO 9001:2008, TS 16949, ISO 14001, OHSMS18001.

MORNSUN à ainsi obtenu la reconnaissance d'entreprises leader dans leur secteur comme GE, SIEMENS, HONEYWELL, EMERSON...

Pionnier de l'industrie Chinoise de la micropuissance, MORNSUN à obtenu Plus de 400 brevets et globalise ses opérations avec des stocks

en Amérique du Nord, au Japon, en Inde, en Allemagne...

En 2007, MORNSUN à developpé sept plateformes pour améliorer la fiabilité de ses produits (Plateforme matériel, Technologique, Analyse

de défaillance, Fabrication, Formation du personnel, supervision de la fabrication, Support FAE)



* Industriel, réseau électrique, transport, éclairage, médical, IOT, Incendie & sécurité.



*Puissance : 0,25 W à 240 W

*Isolation : 1 000 VDC à 12 000 VDC / 2 000 VAC à 4 000 VAC

*Tension d'entrée : DC : 3,3 V 1 400 VDC         AC : 30 à 528 VAC

*Boîtier :SIP, DIP, SMD, Traversants, Open frame, Chassis mounting, DIN rail mounting

PProduct Application Brochure 2016  Product pplication 


MORNSUN Product Application Brochure 2016.pdf


MORNSUN Shortform selection guide 2015.pdf  





ORION FANS : Gestion thermique

ORION FANS propose une gamme extrêmement large de ventilateurs alimentés en tension alternative et continue, de plateaux et d'accessoires pour ventilateurs et d'appareils de soufflage. Grâce à sa capacité de réponse ultrarapide, son stock extrêmement large de ventilateurs disponibles, ses délais de livraison trés court et ses tarifs compétitifs, Orion Fans vous apporte plus rapidement que personne la solution de refroidissement la mieux adaptée à vos besoins.








Xsis Electronics est un fabricant US d'oscillateurs à quartz pour les applications spatiales.

Ces oscillateurs pour le spatial utilisent le matériau "swept crystal" qui permet de tolérer des radiations jusqu'à 100 Krad.

Pour plus d'informations TID, SEL, SEU, consultez-nous.

Les oscillateurs "space" répondent à la norme MIL-PRF-55310, MIL-PRF-38534, MIL-STD-883 et sont QPL.

Les quartz répondent à la norme MIL-PRF-3098 et MIL-STD-790.

Xsis est certifié AS9100 :2009 et ISO 9001:2008




•   QPL TO MIL-PRF-55310 & MIL-PRF-3098











•   TO (Round) PACKAGE

•   LEADLESS CHIP CARRIER  ( Surface Mount )

•   "J" LEAD PACKAGE  (Surface Mount )

•   "GULL WING" LEADS PACKAGE  ( Surface Mount )









XSIS Oscillators for Space Applications.

Space Programs

Hi-Rel Screening.

 When required by the customer, Xsis Oscillators can be subjected to the following screening tests on a 100% basis.  PDA for Burn-in & Non-Destruct Bond Pull are in accordance with the requirements of MIL-PRF-55310 for "Class S" products.

Quality system







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